Nina Leigh Fithian was born in Philadelphia on January 2, 1953 to Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Fithian. She is the older of two children in her family and lives on Wisteria Way in Holly Mills, New Jersey. She has hazel eyes, long wavy brunette hair and is quite petite. Nina is curious, persistence, deep thinker, a day-dreamer, optimistic, risk-taking, and craves mysteries. She plays piano but her first love is ballet, in which is quite proficient.

The day she turned eleven, Nina’s fantastic birthday wish came true – cascading into a year of wild and indescribable adventures. It is not until the end of that year that Nina discovers who is truly behind her incredible, supernatural wish.

Nina is best friends with Piper Slack and her cousin, Windy Wolf. Regrettably, she does not visit much with Windy since her cousin moved away and has become a television celebrity and a rising movie star.

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