Braving the Bunyip

Desperate to eliminate his enemies, dark lord Borok prepares for the unimaginable. Using germ warfare and raven-like creatures, the evil tyrant launches a nefarious scheme that, once in motion, will result in genocide for the subterranean races. As the plague spreads, so does terror and despair even though agents from strange dimensions bring rays of hope and courage.

While renegade sandmen unleash havoc upon the innocent, Nina and Piper witness the tragedy unfolding far beneath their hometown. Soon they learn of a brilliant, but impossible idea that could save their alien friends. Complicating matters, the two teenagers are required to share so many secrets with their closest friends, who must accompany them to the far side of the world to find a cure. Hunted by pagan savages and predatory beasts, the Jersey girls eventually come face to face with the most terrifying monster of all! Who can brave and survive the legendary bunyip?



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