Sea Without a Shore

Through treachery and deceit, the new ruler of Kandalar has ascended to the throne. Creating an alliance with the mysterious, whirling bedloe, dark lord Bumpus schemes to eliminate his enemies by resurrecting the FOTAR—a dreadful doomsday machine. The prime target is the gnomen kingdom along with its allies. But the Jersey girls’ hometown will suffer the same fate, since Holly Mills lies in the crosshairs of the time-warping weapon.

When Nina and Piper observe strange events occurring on the city’s river, lake, and dam, they begin to investigate. Suddenly Nina is hospitalized, forcing Piper to team up with Nina’s famous cousin, Gwendolyn (Windy) Wolf—a rising Hollywood star whom Piper resents. After secrets are revealed, the two girls must battle against all odds before the mind-bending bedloe activate the giant device. Can the Jersey girls stop the coming deluge and devastation?



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